Cheddar Valley Community Church

Serving the Cheddar Valley

Why "Cheddar Valley Community Church"?



Because we believe that God has given us this area to work in; it is our  Jerusalem (Acts 1:8). We do have a vision to reach the nations but our home is the Cheddar Valley.



This is important because we are a church committed to reaching local communities. It is vital that we bring a Christian perspective to village life. We are committed to social action which will find expression in local situations.



The Greek word for Church is 'Ecclesia' which means 'called out of'. We believe the church to be a body of born again Christians who have been called out of the world in order to reach the world. It is important that 'Church' is part of the  name because that is what we are.


It is important for us to understand why we have been called together. It is so that we can pray, break bread, share fellowship, receive teaching and to witness to others concerning the need of salvation (Acts 2:42).


We should be expecting signs and wonders to follow the ministry as promised in scripture (Mark 16), whilst recognising that it is by the grace of God that lives are changed (Eph 2:8).

Our Vision

The following is an outline of the vision for the Church.  This is a developing vision and therefore by nature it is constantly changing. It is good however for us to be aware of the direction in which  we are going.



The Church is committed to reaching the valley whilst recognising the biblical necessity of prayer, fellowship (including breaking bread), teaching, worship and witness  for each person involved in the Church.


The Church is structured around the Sunday Celebration for all ages, House Groups, fellowship, prayer and teaching.


We also recognise the need for Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelistic, Teaching and Pastoral ministry (Ephesians 4).

We are a member of the Evangelical Alliance and have relationships with local churches and together we are praying for a transformation of the valley.

REST HOUSE ('The Oasis')

A place where people can seek the Lord, just rest or enjoy a holiday in a beautiful part of the UK. We have a particular heart to bless leaders. Church Groups use other parts of the site for Alpha days, prayer days and leaders days. There is no charge for these facilities. All gifts are voluntary.


PRAYER HOUSE ('The Oasis')

We believe that everything needs to flow from prayer. This mandate is not only local but also global. If we pray we must be prepared to be part of the answer. The Oasis is available for individuals or groups to use for prayer. Pre booking is required.

We are in the process of opening a 24/7 prayer centre [also at the Oasis] which will be open to all who have a heart t pray to our loving heavenly father. 



Open Mon - Sat     10.30 am - 5.00 pm.    Tel: 01934 741171

We run a café in the middle of Cheddar (opposite the  Market Cross) in order to serve the community. The aim is to reach people through personal contact and to be able to use any profits to benefit the community and Christian mission.  The Cafe is also used for specific evening events by the Church and it's youth.



There is a great need for emotional healing and for personal direction. This does not always take place in meetings. We are committed to bringing people to wholeness in Christ, and are currently using the ‘Set Free’ materials.


We also have trained counsellors available and specialist counsellors who are involved in pregnancy education in local schools, who can also provide specialist pregnancy counselling.



These are important for developing relationship and fellowship.


There are a number of house groups which meet at various times throughout the week. Each group has developed its own character but they all include teaching, prayer and ministry. Some of the groups are involved in reaching out into the community and fellowshipping with other churches.



We believe God wants a highway for His Kingdom and glory through the Cheddar Valley and He has called us, with others, to be part of this.  Prayer is fundamental to this happening and is the basis for all Church activity.


It is important to remember that while nothing worthwhile happens spiritually  without prayer, prayer on its own was not the Jesus way either. Prayer might be the wings but it needs feet: our own feet and the feet of others.


We believe in prayer and action following prayer.


We believe God has called our Church specifically to pray and as such we will encourage prayer:

  • In the Home Groups. 
  • In the Prayer House - there are a number of small groups praying throughout the week. Also there are two fixed times for the whole church to be involved in on Tuesday from  6.00-7.00 am and 6.30-7.30 pm.  
  • Specific prayer for Revival has developed since September ’97 and will continue until we see a breakthrough. 
  • Through 'Prayer Walking' in all the villages of the Cheddar Valley and in mission contexts. 
  • In occasional half-nights of prayer. 
  • With fasting, occasionally as a whole Church for a day or for an extended period with Church members participating on a 'rota' basis.
  • Currently we are exploring the whole area of watchmen, spiritual warfare and intercession and how they relate to the prophetic.


We are involved in overseas mission in a number of different ways:


We support individuals, churches and mission groups who we partner with as listed below. These partnerships provide mutual support and encouragement; we welcome people from these partners into our fellowship, and likewise, we visit them.


France - We have a church link with St Malo for a number of years now and it has been a great encouragement to both churches, so much so that we consider ourselves to be one church.


Turkey - We have a growing connection with 3 Turkish churches. Our involvement began just before the devistating earthquake in 1999, we were initially working on the earthquake camps but it has since developed into a prayer and teaching ministry.


Uganda - We have a link here with Daniel and Margaret Nkata and their work with Reachout Village Ministries. We are looking to develop this link over the next few years.


Wales - We have strong links with Bethel Baptist Church, Bedwas.


Texas - We have been working with Christ Community Church, Port Lavaca, Texas and Junction, Texas.


Through the Oasis Flat we often have mission workers to stay which is a great honour and encouragement for us.



John 21:15 - 20



To care for each other (John 15:17).

To care for those who don’t know the Lord.


“Christians don’t care!” is a common cry.


(We have a team helping to fulfil this need)

Spending time with those in need, whether through sickness, loneliness, or people who simply need encouragement and support.

For those involved, they will need to LISTEN, CARE, and SUPPORT.

They need to share at a fellowship level.

Will be necessary for those inside and outside the Church.



Have a responsibility to care without necessarily being called to be counsellors or pastors.

They ‘watch out’ for those in their group.

The groups themselves provide love and caring fellowship.



Trained and with a wide variety of experience.

Will need to be specialised as well as general. (e.g. pregnancy and post  abortion counselling)

Inner Healing.


The counsellors themselves need cover and support.


Ephesians 4 ministry. 
A powerful ministry bringing wholeness and direction into people’s lives.  We are praying that the Lord will raise up more pastors.