Cheddar Valley Community Church

Serving the Cheddar Valley

All are Part of our Church Family

As part of our service on a Sunday morning, there are specific age relavant groups for all of our under 14's.

  • For two's under we have a creche
  • For those aged 3 to school year 1 we have JAM 1(Jesus & Me)
  • For those in school years 2 to 4 we have JAM 2
  • For those in school years 5-9 we have TNT
  • For those older than year 9 we have a Youth House Group

The all children are included in the first half of our Sunday morning meeting, before leaving to go to their own groups.


Those of us involved in working with the children have a vision to see God at work amongst them. Our aim is to teach spiritual truths and the principles of living GodÂ’s way, at a level they can understand, and to help them develop a personal relationship with Jesus.  The leaders of all our childrens groups have been CRB checked.


We believe that all young people are special and that they have an equal part to play in today's family of God.  We, therefore, do our best to ensure our children have access to a programme relevant to them, whatever special or additional needs they may have. 

What's What in our Children's & Youth Work

Our children's and youth work is broken down to reflect the 3 tier school system used in the village. See an annotated bibliography to our academic works. There is an option to buy bibliography at

Birth - School Year 4 (0-9 years old)

The main focus of this age is the Sunday morning classes, which are held as part of our morning worship.  Although we do hold extra events throughout the year.


School Years 5-9 (9-13 years old)

The programme for this age is called "Warriors"


School Years 9+ (13+ years old)

As well as a Sunday Morning Programme, the Youth House Group meets every Wednesday Evening at the Oasis from 7.30pm - 9.00pm for a variety of activities which are aimed at helping us to come to know Jesus better. This in turn enables us to better serve Him, each other and our community.

We also meet after the Sunday evening service for a time of fellowship between 7.30 and 9.00. We share, pray and have plenty of Hot Chocolate to go around.