Cheddar Valley Community Church

Serving the Cheddar Valley

Articles of Faith


  • The eternal existence and unity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the God-head.
  • The divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as originally given and their complete authority.
  • The universal sinfulness and consequent guilt of mankind as a result of the fall resulting in separation from God and making every human being liable to His just judgement.
  • The incarnation of the Son of God, who was born of the Virgin Mary by the Holy Spirit, lived a sinless life and by His death on the Cross and bodily resurrection dealt with the sin of all mankind, thus making reconciliation to God possible through personal faith in Him.
  • The person and work of the Holy Spirit who reveals the need for new life in Christ, brings in this new life, and gives assurance of personal salvation to the believer.
  • The baptism and continual infilling of the Holy Spirit to enrich the fruit of the Spirit and release the gifts of the Spirit, resulting in effective worship, witness, service and growth individually and collectively within and through the Body of Christ.
  • Water baptism by immersion for believers.
  • The regular celebration of Communion as a remembrance and proclamation of the death of Christ, but involving neither a new sacrifice nor a change in the substance of bread and wine.
  • The existence of Satan as a rebellious angelic being banished with others from the presence of God and now leader of all powers of evil in the world, until his final judgement by Jesus Christ.
  • The one, universal church of Jesus Christ which is His Body and is made up of all true believers, each of whom should be personally committed to one local expression of the church under the authority of its appointed leadership.
  • The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ, the gathering of His church, the resurrection of the dead and the final judgement, eternal punishment for unbelievers and eternal life with God for believers