Cheddar Valley Community Church

Serving the Cheddar Valley

Overseas Projects

We as a church have heard the Lord call us to go out, which has resulted in establishing contacts across the globe.  This includes St Malo in France, Turkey, Texas, Wales and Uganda.  


St Malo

The Community Church has been enjoying fellowship with a church in France for many years.  We have visit the Baptist Church in St Malo regularly in February, November and for the music festival in June. Members of the French Church also come to Cheddar. Many members of both churches have built relationships that go beyond our visits to each others churches.

We share ministry in the towns, including prayer walks, evangelism and joint meetings.


The Lord has repeatedly given us the rainbow as a sign of the fellowship between the two churches, and we have grown and experienced many things in common during the friendship.






Primary school children at Sokolo.

We want to build a proper school here – the school meets in a hut at present.







This is the Reachout Villages Centre.

During term time about 80 children live here. The church meets here and a medical centre is also being built